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Certain colors are just Regal....jewel tones like blues, greens, and purple exude royalty.

That's how I felt when I visited Standout Style Boutique one Saturday and laid eyes on the Lady Sings the Blues dress hanging on the rack. The cobalt blue color spoke to me, and I had to try it on. Once I slipped on the curve hugging, off the shoulder beauty, I was instantly transformed! My posture instantly improved, I stood taller, and all those around me became my "Royal subjects"....I felt like a Queen!

Some of my favorite memes/gifs are the ones that encourage you to "adjust your crown and remind them who you are." As corny and campy as they are, they have helped me on more than one occasion. Every now and then, we need little reminders that no matter what is going on at that moment, how hopeless a situation seems, we are built to endure. We have an inner strength that allows us to overcome any situation....we just have to tap into it.

Life comes at you fast. Everyday I juggle family, friends, work and trying to build a brand, and squeeze in some self care with the time left. More days than not, I feel like a failure at one or more of these things. People will test you, judge you and make you think that there is no way that you can have it all. They will make you think you have to choose. It is at those moments that you have to adjust your crown and remind then of who they are dealing with.

Stay the course....keep grinding. Know there will be setbacks, moments of doubt and an abundance of people telling what you can't do. But with faith, consistency and a supportive tribe, you will get to where you need to be. Then rock your jewel tones, look back on that negativity with a wink and a smile, and walk in your purpose!