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Simply Laced.....

Nothing says sexy like lace.....

When you think lace, you think lingerie, sexy underwear, Prince and Appolonia! (LOL)

Seriously, think about the last time you saw a boudoir shoot that didn't have the model scantily clad in something lace? Today's fashion has brought lace out of the bedroom and into the mainstream. Lace accents are on everything from jersey to denim. I absolutely adore lace, and I have several pieces that are completely lace or heavily lace accented.

When I saw this little lace dress at Forever 21 LAST YEAR, I had to have it, however, I was a bit chicken to wear it....was it too much? How could I make it sexy and still tasteful? I think I pulled it off. While this is not an everyday look, this is definitely a look that will turn heads and get you a good way! If this look is a bit too risque for you, you can also dress this down and make it totally boho chic, by wearing a spandex one piece short suit, or distressed denim shorts and a cami.

How do you guys feel about lace? Are you here for it this summer? What are some of your favorite lace accented pieces?

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