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Curvy and Comfy.....

Hey Guys! I think it's happened....Spring has sprung in Chicago! (insert running man here).

The weather has been gorgeous since my last post, so I have been working on my spring looks for the blog...can't wait to share them with you.

This is my last offering for Winter/Spring transition looks featuring denim. This look is definitely the most casual of them all, I think and even with the casual nature, still super cute! This look again comes from Torrid....actually, what I discovered in putting together my next few looks, I did a lot of Torrid shopping! Ummm, sponsorship, perhaps?? I need to work on that. But I digress, back to the look. This look comes from Torrid, but I will recreate it for you at a MUCH cheaper price!

I didn't really like boyfriend jeans initially, but I am finding that comfort is starting to take precedence in my wardrobe choices, and outfits that don't require shape wear are always winners!

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