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A Diva Can Change Her Stripes...

Hello Curvy Fabbers! I come to you with my second offering in my casual, winter to spring transition looks. You will notice that all of these looks feature denim....denim is an essential staple in any wardrobe! Dress it up, dress it down....doesn't matter. There is denim that will fit any size or shape! In this look, I went with something a bit different. First, I am wearing horizontal stripes! On top! EEEK! There is no way I would have tried that 2Y ago! I have never been a HUGE fan of stripes, but if they wete to be worn....only vertical would make the cut. That is because I felt like the horizontal stripes were the enemy of the busty woman! Well, as you can see here, I pulled it off. The secret....a NASA grade material bra! I also tried a flared leg jean. I used to stay away from the flared leg, as I thought that my height (I am 5'5"), and short torso proved for a dumpy look. However, I have learned that it is all about how you wear them. The shoes and top that you choose make a huge difference. For me, going with a more fitted top, and my trusty NASA grade material bra (the struggle is real, hunty), compensated for my short torso, and a chunky heel, gave me the height I needed to pull this look off. Throw on a black blazer, and it's perfect for Friday dress down day at the office, followed by Happy Hour with the girls. Denim jacket and a cute wedge makes it a perfect Saturday afternoon lunch and shopping fit. This outfit is from Forever 21....while I don't see the exact jeans, anymore, they have SEVERAL variations. Hey, what say you? Are you afraid of stripes or a particular type of denim?

Forever 21 Striped Off The Shoulder Top

Forever 21 Plus Size Flared Denim (similar)

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