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My Favorite Jeans...

I am hearing that denim is "making a comeback"! I'm sorry...I didn't realize that it ever left. I am a jeans wearing sistah! The only place that jeans are taboo for me is in church (just the way I was raised, no judgement). Otherwise, I think you can make a pair of jeans work anywhere. They are so versatile, they can be styled a million different ways. As a curvy girl, finding the right fit of jeans can be a challenge. I am also one that doesn't particularly care for a high spandex count in all of my jeans. Skinnies....yes, that is a requirement, but I like real denim, heavy jeans....and those are tough for a curvy girl. My favorite jeans that meet this non spandex, real denim criteria are Silver Jeans. I have been wearing these jeans for about 3Y now. I always saw them in Torrid, but at $100 a pair, I would keep right on walking! While perusing the clearance rack one day, I stumbled across a pair of Silver Jeans! The clearance price was still $85, however I had some Torrid Haute Cash (Torrid Insiders, stand up!), and it was my birthday month, so I got an additional discount, so I said "what the hell"! Hunty....when I tell you it was love at first wear.....

I love these jeans, and they have been my go to every since. They are high quality, long lasting jeans! They cover my dunk, and are soft and comfy. They come in a bunch of different styles, and cuts. Like I said, they are on the pricey side, but I only invest when I catch them on clearance (rarity), or when I have the Haute Cash. Another alternative that's not as expensive, but are also curvy girl friendly are the Seven Brand....they are a close second to my Silver Jeans. Are you a jeans girl? What is your go to brand for jeans and why?

Denim vest came from the Ashley Stewart clearance rack....just happened to match perfectly!

Okay, threw this in because I was having an excellent make up day, and I was loving this red hair!!

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