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Retro Glam - 1920 via 2015

"Fashion is ever evolving, and I am more than happy to move with it!"

This is the last line on my "About Me" page, here on the blog. Even though I said that, it's not entirely true. Fashion doesn't really "evolve"....nothing new ever really happens in fashion. Old looks/styles are simply revamped, modernized and slapped with the title "retro". It's all good though, I am here for all of it! I love retro fashion. So far, the stuff that I am looking at for fall is very remniscient of a 70's vibe. I can't wait to create some really funky and ecclectic looks to share with you guys as it gets cooler. But back to this post...LOL! This was one of the first offerings from the Charlotte Russe plus size line (long gone now). If I am being honest, the model that was wearing it, did nothing for it, but I knew that I could make it hawt! I purchased it with the intention to wear it to a white party....a real statement piece. I imagined having a Klymaxx "The Men All Pause" moment when I walked into the room! Okay, so I didn't make it to the white party, however, this dress did help me win the Full Figure Fierce Face of the Month contest in June! Check them out here. One thing to note about this runs small. I normally wear a 14/16 or a 1x. I purchased the 1x in this dress, and it was a bit tight and way too short. I ordered the 2x, and it was perfect! I actually never sent the 1x back, and ended up with two of these dresses. It is actually a part of my closet sale...the 2x has been sold, but the 1x is still available for only $15!! If you are interested, email me at

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