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From the Cutting Room Floor....

They can't all be winners....

I can't begin to tell you how many pictures I've taken since I started this blog. Most of the pictures are pretty hot, which is why they are posted. However....there are a few looks that I think really looked better in my head, than on film. Those looks ended up on the "cutting room floor". I am sitting here attempting to organize my Dropbox, and I ran across some stuff that Marco and I shot, that I was geeked about at the time, but somehow the looks just weren't what I was hoping for. Don't get me wrong....I am not referring to the clothes in the pics, Iove these pieces, and rock them often, but I wasn't feeling the way the pictures turned out. The Chicago weather, caused me to do more in studio shooting than I really cared to. Summer got off to a really late start, and it has been more rainy than usual. I think these looks (and others) would have been much better outside. I am actually about to ease up on the summer shooting, as I start to get my fall wardrobe together. I know, I know, there's still plenty of summer left, and trust me, I am not trying to rush it out of here, but I really want to get a jump on the fall stuff. I'm a pretty popular size (14/16 clothes, and size 9 shoe), and all the really good stuff sells out quickly. I do have some summer looks that I haven't shot yet, and you will be seeing those in the next few weeks. In the interim, here's some stuff that you didn't see.....enjoy!


I was calling this look "Nochella". Play on words for Coachella, the big concert overseas every year. I was going to call it "Nochella", because I didn't go, and I thought it was funny....nevermind! I thought this was a good outdoor concert look. Crop top from Curve Culture Boutique here in Chicago, I know it's long sold out, but here is a decent substitute here. The skirt came from BooHoo, I don't see it on their site anymore, but here is a similar one here. Of course, the shoes are my gladiators from my ShoeDazzle haul. This look definitely needed to be shot outside in order for you to get the vibe I was going for.



This is actually one of my favorite tops this summer. I got this little number from Ashley Stewart. Long since sold out, but it is super cute with a pair of shorts, as well as these skinny jeans that I got from Torrid. Shoes are a part of my ShoeDazzle haul.



Ahhh, my watercolor skater dress! I really loved this when I bought it....buuuut I never wore it again after this shoot! Not sure why. I am actually going to be having a cleaning my closet sale, and this is included. It runs on the bigger side. This dress is actually a large.



So what do you guys think of my cutting room floor looks?

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