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Are There Qualifications To Be Considered Plus Size?

Hey Guys! This post isn't about fashion...per se.

I received a message thru my contact page from someone who questioned my right to refer to myself as a plus size blogger. She stated that while she loved my pics, and thought I had good fashion sense, that I didn't "qualify" as a plus size woman. That kinda confuggled me. I attempted to reply to thank her for the feedback, but the email address was invalid. The "what exactly is plus size?" debate is nothing new to me, this has been a debate in the plus size community forever, however, no one has EVER questioned my plus size status. My thick thighs and stomach pooch, have always served as my ticket into the plus size arena. While admittedly, I am a smaller version of my former self (2Y ago, I weighed 274 lbs, and was a size 20, sometimes 22), I am still very much a plus size woman. This plus size debate was recently given new life with the Lane Bryant, "I'm No Angel" campaign. There are those that feel that the plus size community wasn't properly represented in that or any of the other plus size marketing campaigns . In their words, "the size 14 flat tummy, hour glass shape" models are scaled up versions of straight size models and as such don't qualify. It has even been said by some that you can't call yourself plus size if you under a size 18. So at my current size 14 (16 depending on the store/designer), I am not plus size. This was indeed news to me (and my thighs), and made me wonder, well hell, what am I to do? I surely can't wear the clothes in the "regular" stores. I feel like I am in some sort of size purgatory. Then you have the "why do you have to label anybody, can't it just be fashion"? While it would be great, that's just not how it is, as long as you have designers that don't design their fashion to fit everyone....therefore you need to label your clothes to appeal to the people you are attempting to market to.

The beautiful young lady in the pic below is my Project Curve Appeal sister, Kareen Bellevue. Kareen is a confident, sassy, classy size 22. She will murder a runway, and takes beautiful pics (check out her facebook page here). No one would ever question Kareen's plus size status. However, Kareen and I shop at the same stores, are both well over 200 pounds, and have both invested major dough in quality shapewear! Yet to some, she would be considered plus size, while I wouldn't....doesn't make sense to me.

What say you? What's your opinion on the whole plus size debate? What makes a woman plus size? Is it a certain weight? Certain size?

Kareen and Jax.jpg

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