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Stilettos are out? Yeah, right!

One of my PCA sisters, a self proclaimed shoe whore, brought an article to my attention from the site WHOWHATWHERE titled, The Shoes That Are Officially In and Out for Spring. In this article, they provided the following list of what's in and what's out...


While I take little issue with what they say is in, I have a big problem with what's out...stilettos....out? Blasphemy! As one commenter said, "Haha---stilettos are NEVER going to be out!! As long as there are men to admire women's legs they will ALWAYS be in!"

Amen sister! You will get me out of my stilettos when you pull them from my cold, dead feet!

I still happen to love wearing a sky high pair of my feet love them, no....but they're just feet, and will wear whatever I tell them! I have never really been a big fan of these "what's in, what's out" lists. Fashion is personal, it's whatever YOU deem worthy. Don't get me wrong, I have gotten caught up in what's you will see as I start to put up more fashion posts. However, I am NOT one to buy what makes me uncomfortable, or just didn't appeal to me, in the name of being "trendy".

I just am not of the belief that we should let anyone dictate what we should or should not wear....what do you think?

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