My name is Jacqueline, and I am a Fashion Junkie!   There.....I said it

I love all things fashion...some of the best times I have ever had, have been spent in the fitting room of one of my favorite stores.  As a curvy gal, I am super excited about the direction that fashion has taken as of late.  Gone are the days of the shapeless moo moo, and elastic waist jeans.  Designers are realizing that the Curvy Girl Movement is real, and you better get on board, or get left behind! 

I think fashion should be an adventure.   My fashion sense is all over the place!  I can be timeless and elegant one minute, edgy and urban the next, as well as a bit of a vixen (rawr).

Fashion is ever evolving, and I am more than happy to move with it....okay, enough rambling from me....enjoy the blog!

















This site will occasionally use affiliate links, which generate a small commission, to link out to specific products featured. Products received as gifts by a brand, designer, will be disclosed in posts where they appear. Sponsored posts will always be disclosed as such.


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